1st International Trade Show

The Sarit Expo Centre
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fairtrade launches
agrofood & plastprintpack Kenya

Annual business platform for Kenyan and Swahili speaking
East & Central African professionals

Based on their vast experience in organizing professional trade shows in North and sub-Saharan Africa, the German trade show specialists fairtrade now launches agrofood & plastprintpack Kenya. Kenya’s Premier International Trade Show on Agriculture, Food & Beverage Processing, Ingredients, Plastics, Printing and Packaging is to take place at the brand-new Sarit Expo Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

The event targets to become an annual platform for valuable business contacts between leading manufacturers from the world over and professionals from the Kenyan and Swahili speaking East & Central African Agrofood & Plastprintpack industry.

Swahili is the lingua Franca of the East African Community and connects its six member states in the African Great Lakes region of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Plus the DR Congo. A total of 250 million people lives in this region. And according to the German Engineering Federation VDMA, they invested 298 million euros in food & beverage process technology and 135 million euros in agricultural technology, in 2018 alone.

fairtrade Messe

Ms Dariah Pfaff

agrofood Kenya covers the entire value chain – from field to fork,
consisting of agro, food + bev tec, food ingredients and food + hospitality

agro Kenya

The importance of agriculture has been highlighted in Kenya through Vision 2030 and the Medium-Term Plan III, and most recently the President’s Big Four priority agenda for 2017-2022, which emphasizes the importance of 100% food and nutrition security for all Kenyans. To transform Kenya’s agricultural sector and make it a regional powerhouse, the Government has formulated the ASTGS - Agricultural Sector Transformation and Growth Strategy.

Key Agricultural Sector Facts

  • Backbone of the economy with a great potential for growth and transformation
  • 33% of total GDP and an additional 27% through linkages to other sectors such as manufacturing, distribution and services
  • Employs more than 40% of the total population and about 70% of the rural population
  • CAGR 4.8% between 2012 and 1016
  • 8.6 million farmers
  • 2nd largest livestock heard in Africa
  • 13th largest number of dairy cows in the world

Opportunities in the agricultural industry include massive investments in crop production, agricultural technology and animal husbandry, the increase of yields and the reduction of immense post-harvest losses. Interestingly, Kenya’s imports of agricultural technology exceed those of Ethiopia and even Nigeria. Between 2012 and 2016, Kenya imported agricultural technology worth 359 million euros, while Ethiopia imported 335 million euros and Nigeria 318 million euros. (VDMA) So Kenya is the second largest importer of agricultural machinery in sub-Saharan Africa, right after South Africa.


food + bev tec Kenya

Kenya‘s food industry is among the most diversified in sub-Saharan Africa. At present, massive investments are being made in the baking, meat processing and beverage industry. The demand for finished food products is expanding. In recent years, fast food chains have discovered the Kenyan market needing a functioning supply chain. The revival of local food production and the „Made-in Kenya“-trend confirm the political will to expand local food production.

With imports of 627 million euros in process and packaging technology between 2014 and 2018 (VDMA), Kenya is the second largest importing country of such technologies in East & Central Africa, right after Ethiopia with 693 million euros.

food ingredients Kenya

With 48 million inhabitants, Kenya has long been one of largest food markets in East & Central Africa, still undersupplied. Expenditure in the F&B sector is growing steadily and F&B production is by far the largest segment of the Kenyan processing industry. In addition, more and more start-ups with interesting product innovations have recently entered the market. Accordingly, the demand for food and beverage ingredients is rising continuously. So it is only natural that food ingredients Kenya forms an important part of agrofood Kenya .

food + hospitality Kenya

Kenya imported US$ 3.154 billion worth of food products in 2017. And Kenyan food exports amounted to US$ 2.762 billion in the same year. Thus food trade with Kenya is a 5.916 billion US$ business! (WTO World Trade Organization)

In addition, retail services contributed 6.38 billion US$ to Kenya‘s GDP in 2018, with supermarkets comprising a key segment of the sector, largely in urban areas. Local chains have been joined by a rising number of foreign entrants in recent years as international brands seek a share of the growing consumer market. (Asoko Insight)


German Pavilion 2022

Great news for German exhibitors: An official German Pavilion will be presented featuring German exhibitors displaying their solutions and products.

The German Pavilion is presented by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in cooperation with the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry AUMA.

Transportation and customs declaration

Our contractual partner responsible for transportation and customs declaration is:

Bauernreihe 6
DE - 27726 Worpswede, GERMANY

Contact / E-mail:
Mr Michael Horré

Tel: +49-(0)4792-9300-22

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